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Second Meeting of the Working Groups of the XVIII IACML


Place and Date : Cartagena, Colombia - April 28 to 30, 2015

Corales de Indias Hotel, Carrera 1 No 62-198, Crespo / RNT 28874 - Cartagena

In compliance with the Calendar of Activities for 2014-2015 of the Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML), the following events took place consecutively:

´┐Ż II Meeting of the Working Groups of the XVIII IACML: April 28 and 29

´┐Ż First Preparatory Meeting of the XIX IACML: April 30


´┐Ż Delegates from 20 Labor Ministries, workers´┐Ż and employers´┐Ż representatives and experts from ILO, PAHO, OECD, IDB, CINTERFOR, CISS and OAS participated in the meeting to follow up on commitments of the Declaration and Plan of Action of Medellin adopted at the XVIII IACML in 2013, and start the preparatory process of the XIX IACML 2015

´┐Ż Wide debate on how to improve inclusion in the labor market, strategies to anticipate and design training demands and attend to populations facing major challenges, in particular youth

´┐Ż Visit to a training center of the National Training Service (SENA), where all participants could observe some of the training courses offered, talk with students and witness the operation of Colombia´┐Żs employment service.

´┐Ż Discussion on progress on international labor cooperation, where deepening of south-south and triangular cooperation was observed, as well as a better management and use of resources by the Ministries.

´┐Ż Analysis and exchange of experiences on compliance of labor laws and in particular, labor inspection, where the region has had important innovations

´┐Ż Presentation and discussion of the preliminary version of the Study on bilateral and multilateral social security agreements with a view to ´┐Żidentify alternatives for designing and proposing a hemispheric mechanism that could facilitate the recognition of nominal pension contributions and pension rights of migrant workers´┐Ż (Art.6,e of Plan of Action of Medellin). Study prepared by the CISS, with the support of the OAS. Delegations have until August 10th to submit comments to the Secretariat.

´┐Ż Decision on use of RIAL resources to improve its virtual tools (website and portfolio of programs) and setting up of a Committee with this focus, formed by Mexico, Colombia, United States, Argentina, Trinidad & Tobago and Guatemala.

´┐Ż Dissemination of the latest developments on progress indicators of the Protocol of San Salvador (Additional Protocol to the American Convention on Human Rights in the Area of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights), and results of the Inter-sectoral workshop on Social Protection and Employment, held in December 2014 in Mexico City

´┐Ż Negotiation and definition of slogan of the XIX IACML to be held in November 2015 in Mexico: ´┐ŻBuilding decent work with social inclusion and sustainable development in the Americas´┐Ż, as well as the specific topics to be addressed.


´┐Ż Agenda
´┐Ż List of Participants

´┐Ż Report of the Working Group 1
´┐Ż Report of the Working Group 2
´┐Ż Study on Social Security Agreements
     - Annex 4 : Questionnaire overview
´┐Ż Calendar of Activities of the IACML 2014-2015
´┐Ż Results on the Workshop on Social Protection and Employment
´┐Ż Report of the RIAL (results and activities) 2006-2015
´┐Ż Financial Status of the Voluntary Contributions Fund
´┐Ż Results of the 8th Call for Proposals for Bilateral Cooperation RIAL
´┐Ż Status RIAL Portfolio
´┐Ż Information Bulletin


´┐Ż Declaration of Medellin, adopted in the XVIII IACML
´┐Ż Declaration of COSATE and CEATAL to the XVIII IACML, concerning informal economy
´┐Ż Declaration of Asunci´┐Żn for the 44th General Assembly of the OAS: "Development with Social Inclusion"
´┐Ż Recommendations from the Americas to the III Global Child Labor Conference
´┐Ż Inequality and Social Inclusion in the Americas




Meeting of Working Group 1: ´┐ŻEmployment as a pillar in the quest for equality and development´┐Ż


´┐Ż CINTERFOR/ILO. Enrique Deibe, Director of CINTERFOR

´┐Ż OECD. David Khoudour-Cast´┐Żras, Chief Migration and Skills Unit, OECD Development Centre

´┐Ż IDB. David Rosas, Chief Specialist, Labor Market and Social Security Unit

´┐Ż Guatemala. Carlos Dom´┐Żnico Ulb´┐Żn, Deputy Minister for Social Welfare and Employment

´┐Ż CISS. Jorge Rodr´┐Żguez, General Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat and Valent´┐Żn Vargas, Consultant of CISS


Meeting of Working Group 2: ´┐ŻInstitutional Strengthening for the Protection of Workers' Rights and the Promotion of Social Dialogue


´┐Ż Panama. Rorix N´┐Ż´┐Żez, Director of International Technical Cooperation, Ministry of Labor and Labor Development

´┐Ż Jamaica. Andrea Patterson-Morris, Director, Corporate Planning Department, Ministry of Labour and Social Security

´┐Ż OAS. Activity and financial report, by Maria Claudia Camacho, RIAL Coordinator and Carolina Ahumada, Program Officer, Labor and Employment Section, Dept. Social Inclusion, SEDI

´┐Ż ILO. Gerardina Gonz´┐Żlez, Deputy Director for Management, ILO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

´┐Ż Trinidad y Tobago. Farouk Mohammed, Labour Inspector, Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprise Development

´┐Ż Dominican Republic. Valent´┐Żn Herrera, Director General of Labor, Ministry of Labor




´┐Ż Press release, OAS

´┐Ż El Diario.es

´┐Ż Photo Gallery



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