The Department of Legal Services ("DLS") is a dependency of the Secretariat for Legal Affairs  of the OAS General Secretariat.

DLS provides legal advice on: interpretation of normative instruments; administrative, budgetary, and personnel matters; internal regulations; contracts, treaties, and agreements; application of national laws relating to taxation, labor relations, and privileges & immunities; and cooperation and electoral agreements. DLS serves as the Secretary General’s representative in litigation. In its area of competence, DLS: advises the General Assembly and Permanent Council; represents the Secretary General before OAS political bodies; and advises: CIDI, IIN, CIM, CITEL, CICTE, CICAD, IADB, the OAS Retirement & Pension Fund, and IICA.

Annual Reports

OAS Charter

General Standards to Govern the Operations of the General Secretariat

Executive Orders

Staff Rules


Administrative Memorandums

Budgetary and Financial Rules

Other Administrative Instruments of Interest (including memoranda from the Assistant Secretary General and the Secretary General s Chief of Staff)

Retirement & Pension Plan & Codified Regulations & Provident Plan

OAS 401(m) Plan

Cooperative Relations with Other Entities

Model Agreements of the General Secretariat

Judgments of OAS Administrative Tribunal

General Assembly

Permanent Council

Inter-American Council for Integral Development

Administrative Tribunal

Specialized Organizations (IICA, PAHO, IIN, PAIGH, III, and CIM)

Inter-American Defense Board

Statutes, Leo S. Rowe P. A. Fund

Standards and Model Rules

Secretariat for Legal Affairs

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Justice Studies Center of the Americas

Audiovisual Library of International Law

Inter-American Democratic Charter

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