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Summit Follow-up
Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

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Date:  6/20/2010 
On March 3, 2010, Canada’s Speech from the Throne addressed the linkages between energy, prosperity and the environment:
“Our energy resource endowment provides Canada with an unparalleled economic advantage that we must leverage to secure our place as a clean energy superpower and a leader in green job creation. We are the world’s seventh largest crude oil producer with the second largest proven reserves. We are the third largest natural gas producer, the third largest hydroelectric generator, the largest producer of uranium, and by far the largest supplier of energy resources to the world’s largest marketplace. To support responsible development of Canada’s energy and mineral resources, our Government will untangle the daunting maze of regulations that needlessly complicates project approvals, replacing it with simpler, clearer processes that offer improved environmental protection and greater certainty to industry.
Our Government will continue to invest in clean energy technologies. It will review energy efficiency and emissions-reduction programs to ensure they are effective. And it will position Canada’s nuclear industry to capitalize on the opportunities of the global nuclear renaissance – beginning with the restructuring of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.”
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Date:  6/20/2010 
In keeping with Canada’s Americas Strategy, and its emphasis on effective multilateralism, Canada promotes closer integration between the Summit process and OAS institutions and ministerial meetings. Since the 2009 Summit of the Americas, Canada participated in seven ministerial meetings to advance hemispheric co-operation in thematic and technical areas and implement specific thematic objectives related to Summit commitments.
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Date:  6/20/2010 
Canada regularly publishes reports on the implementation of commitments undertaken at the Summit of the Americas. At Inter-American Ministerial meetings, Canada works with other delegations to follow up on the implementation of relevant Summit commitments.
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Date:  6/20/2010 
Finance Canada officials engaged with counterparts in March 2010 in a preparatory meeting for the 3rd annual Meeting of Finance Ministers of the Americas. The finance ministers’ meeting took place in Lima, Peru, from May 27-28, 2010, with participation from international financial institutions and regional development banks. Minister Flaherty delivered a lead presentation at the session on the integration of regional trade and infrastructure. He also engaged in sessions on sustainable growth policies, stimulus plans and exit strategies. At the closing May 28 joint press conference by Minister Flaherty and Peruvian host Finance Minister Araoz, Minister Flaherty announced that Canada would host the 4th Meeting of Finance Ministers of the Americas, in March 2011, during the Annual Meetings of the Inter-American Development Bank in Calgary, Alberta.
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