OAS Strategic Plan

Here you will find the documents related to the design process and approval of the first OAS Strategic Plan 2016-2020:

Official Documents

  • Draft Supplement Strategic Plan (Español/English) presented on 28th April 2017 was a first draft elaborated by the General Secretariat through the Strategic Council for Organizational Development and Management for Results (CEDOGR) which was in charge of coordinating with the OAS Secretariats the information regarding strategic lines and objectives of the plan.
  • Revised and updated version of the OAS Strategic Plan Supplement was presented to the Permanent Council in June 2018, by the various committees responsible of each pillar and/or area of support once their review process was completed.

    The document which continues to be a work in progress also includes indicators, goals, activities and responsible areas for each program and it is organized in four pillars and the two areas of support as following: And the Areas of Support:
    • Administrative Management and Institutional Strengthening (English)

For more information regarding the Strategic Plan, please contact the Department of Planning and Evaluation (DPE).