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Ministerials Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

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Date:  6/21/2011 
National Food and Nutrition Policy

The CARICOM Secretariat in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has facilitated the development of a Regional Food and Nutrition Security Policy which was approved by the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) at its special meeting on Agriculture held in October, 2010. The FAO has now given its commitment to assisting with the development of National Food and Nutrition Security (NFNS) Policies and Strategies.

Barbados has already approached the FAO for assistance with preparing its own National. FNS Policy and Plan which will be coordinated by the MAFFI in collaboration with the National Nutrition Centre of the Ministry of Health. This Policy will be multi-sectoral in nature and will therefore involve national consultations with the various government departments, stakeholders in the farming communities, NGOs, and other private sector organizations.
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Date:  6/21/2011 
Market Information

As it relates to the marketing of agricultural commodities in Barbados, this is done primarily in an ad hoc manner, with there being limited planning and market information to inform production levels. In this regard, the MAFFI is in the process of engaging the assistance of a number of International agencies who already have a stated interest, in addition to the necessary expertise, in establishing Market Information Systems. The Ministry of Agriculture has been working closely with the Inter-American Institute for
Cooperation in Agriculture (IlCA) in addressing this issue. IlCA has included this and other areas into its four year Country Strategy for Barbados, while the FAO and a number of other United Nations agencies (the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development [UNCTAD] and CTA Community have pledged varying levels of support.

CARICOM has been mandated to establish a regional Market Information System. A meeting was convened during the month of February 2011, in Trinidad and Tobago to develop the elements of the regional MIS (Market Information Systems) framework, action plans and initiatives for the implementation the regional MIS. The main recommendations emanating from the meeting regarding the way forward for the regional Market Intelligence System were:
• The NAMDEVCO/NAMIS model should be pursued by member states.
This is a successful system being used by Trinidad and Tobago
• That the regional MIS system would be housed by NAMDEVCO since they
have the most functional system in the region in addition to having the
expertise and experience with managing an MIS system.
• That member states should give priority to the establishment of their
national MIS.

A technical working group was formed to finalise the planning for the establishment of
the regional MIS. (Barbados has two representatives in this group)
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