Office of Protocol


The Office of Protocol plans and coordinates the official ceremonies of the governing bodies of the Organization, the Permanent Council, the Secretary General, the Assistant Secretary General, and the departments of the General Secretariat. It serves as liaison between the U.S. Department of State and the permanent missions on matters related to registration and visas for staff of the missions and to the privileges and immunities of diplomats accredited to the Organization. It also organizes and coordinates the use of the Main Building for protocolary or social-cultural functions and prints and keeps current the Directory of Permanent Missions on the Organization's intranet.


The office provides the member and observer country missions with the following services:

  • Accredits the Permanent Representatives, Alternate Delegates, their families, non-diplomatic staff and domestic employees and processes documentation related to: diplomatic identifications, changes of visas, working permits, tax exemption cards, automobile plates, driver's licenses, insurance and custom clearances with the U.S. Department of State.
  • Publishes the "OAS Directory of Missions, Heads of State/Government and Senior Government Officials, OAS Organs and Affiliated Entities."
  • Advises and supports the country missions on matters of protocol and diplomatic procedure.
  • Coordinates and organizes official ceremonies and social events at headquarters including presidential and other official visits, presentation of credentials, signing ceremonies, farewell receptions, etc.
  • Approves applications for the use of the Main Building presented by the Permanent Missions accredited to the OAS. To view the spaces, see the photo gallery.
  • Coordinates the "Weeks of the Member States Program" in the Main Building and supports the country missions in the organization of these events.