Diplomatic Processes: Drivers Licenses and Vehicle Processes

Driver's Licenses

Individuals accredited as diplomats at the Department of State and their dependents who wish to drive a vehicle are required to have a diplomatic driver's license issued by the Department of State.  Each eligible member of the family (principal, spouse, and dependents between 16 and 21 years of age) should send the following to Protocol/OAS:

  • Form DS-1972
  • Legible copy of both sides of a valid driver's license. This license should specify dates of issue and expiration

Learner's Permit

Persons who are requesting a US license for the first time and who do not have a valid license from their country of origin must indicate that they are applying for a Learner's Permit,and send the following documents to Protocol/OAS:

License for Motorcycles

Send to Protocol/OAS the following documents:

  • Form DS-1972 specifying the license requested is for a motorcycle
  • Copy of driver's license from country of origin (front and back)

Driver's License and Identification Card for Non-Diplomats

Persons with no diplomatic status who need a license or ID card should request, through Protocol/OAS, a letter from the Department of State addressed to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the state in which they live.

       For the letter the applicant should send Protocol/OAS the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • PID Number
  • State of Residence (Virginia, Maryland, or Washington D.C.)

Vehicle Registration

The Mission and the diplomat must register all acquired vehicles to the Department of State, whether they are bought or leased, and must use the diplomatic license plates that are assigned.

To register a vehicle send the following documents to Protocol/OAS:

  • Form DSP-100  for Mission vehicles
  • Form DSP-101 for personal vehicles
  • Attach the original certificate of origin (for new vehicles)
  • Attach the title (for used vehicles)
  • A copy of the insurance policy with the required minimum limits of coverage
  • In the case of new vehicles, a copy of the odometer statement and a copy of the buyer's order or receipt
  • In the case of used vehicles bought from a dealership, the original Dealer's Reassignment of Title must be submitted

Registering a vehicle imported to the United States

     To register a vehicle that is being imported to the United States send the following documents to Protocol/OAS:

  • Form DSP-101
  • Copy insurance policy covering this vehicle with the required minimum limits of coverage
  • Form DS-1504, "Request for Customs Clearance of Merchandise" include the following information concerning the vehicle: Make, model, year, value, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and whether or not the vehicle meets the national safety and pollution standards.
  • Copy of the bill of lading

Renewal of Vehicle Registration and decals

The Department of State automatically renews vehicle registration and decals in the month that they expire. In order for this to occur, the Department of State needs a copy of the current insurance policy in their database. To avoid delays and complications, it is imperative to send to Protocol/OAS a copy of the Declarations Page each time it is paid for and renewed, noting on them by hand the plate number (or plate numbers, if the owner owns more than one vehicle) and the owner's PID number.

Motorcycle Registration and Tags

To register a motorcycle and obtain tags send to Protocol/OAS the following documents:

  • Form DSP-101
  • Original title
  • Copy of the insurance policy with the required minimum limits of coverage

Selling, exporting a vehicle, or self terminating

Send to Protocol/OAS the following:

  • Form DSP-102 specifying if the vehicle will be sold to a diplomat, exported, or self-terminated
  • For self terminating cases a letter of termination should be sent before requesting the title
  • If the vehicle was acquired with a loan then a copy of a letter from the bank indicating that the loan has been paid must be included
  • For vehicles that will be exported, the Department of State will issue a provisional license plate for a month as long as they have a copy of the current insurance policy

*NOTE: A title may not be requested when selling a vehicle without a buyer