OAS Regular Program for Academic Scholarships (Graduate)

RESULTS of the OAS scholarship announcement for graduate studies or graduate research Cohort 2015 - 2016

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(To begin studies between January 2015 and March 2016)


All applications must be submitted through the corresponding National Liaison Office (ONE) in your country.
Please contact the ONE in your country, before you start the application process, to learn about their application deadline and eligibility requirements.
U.S. citizens or permanent resident: Deadline to apply electronically: April 11, 2014. Deadline to send your application packages to the OAS Headquarters: April 18, 2014.

    With the aim of supporting the efforts of OAS Member States in the development of human resources as a means to achieving the objectives of the OAS Strategic Plan for Integral Development, the OAS provides valuable study opportunities to students by granting scholarships for the pursuit of graduate studies and research that are related to the eight (8) priority areas contemplated in the plan.

  • OAS Academic Scholarships are awarded for full-time studies at a university or higher learning education institution in an OAS Member State with the exception of the applicant’s sponsoring country.
  • OAS Academic Scholarships are awarded to undertake graduate studies (Master’s or Doctorate degree) and/or graduate research leading to a degree at a university or higher learning education institution (Not Post-Doctorate) in an OAS Member State.  Studies may be carried out onsite or online, or under a combination of both.
  • OAS Academic Scholarships are awarded for a maximum of two academic years.
  • Scholarships are contingent upon the continued availability of funds, the good academic performance of the student during the first academic year, and the confirmation by the academic institution that the renewal period for the second year is necessary to conclude the program of study for which the scholarship was initially awarded.
  • Candidates must return to reside in the sponsoring country for a period of no less than twenty-four (24) months after completing the program of study covered by the OAS scholarship. Applicants for online studies must agree to remain in the sponsoring country for the same period of time.
  • OAS Staff members, OAS consultants, staff members of the Permanent Missions to the OAS, and their relatives are not eligible to apply for a scholarship. They will be eligible only after six months from the termination of their employment relationship or contract before they can apply for a scholarship.
  • The OAS does not award scholarships for studies in the Medical Sciences and the learning of new languages.
  • The OAS will not consider incomplete applications.


Consorcio de Universidades de la OEA


•         Self-Placed in an OAS Non-Consortium University: Candidates apply directly for admission to the universities or educational institutions of their choice, and present their application for an OAS Scholarship. Only 1 candidate per country will be awarded with this type of scholarship.
•         Self-Placed in an OAS Consortium University: Candidates apply directly to up to three programs in different universities, part of the OAS Consortium University, located in three different countries. Applying to this type of scholarship increases the applicant’s chances of being offered an OAS scholarship.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Considering that no Member State may receive in its universities more than 40% of the total number of scholarship recipients for graduate studies, Self-Placed candidates in an OAS Consortium University, must consider at least two different countries of study on their applications.  The OAS will reserve its rights to select a country of study for selected candidates. 



OAS Academic Scholarships have a monetary cap up to US $30,000 per academic year, which includes all the benefits detailed below. These scholarships are complementary, and will not cover 100% of the grantee’s expenses. Not all OAS scholarships offer the same benefits. Benefits are allocated on a case by case basis.

  • Roundtrip airfare (from the sponsoring country to the country of study)
  • Tuition and mandatory fees
  • Yearly books allowance (US $300 for onsite studies / US $1,000 for online studies)
  • Health insurance (for onsite students only)
  • Monthly complementary subsistence allowance (for onsite students only). The complementary subsistence allowance is a fixed amount that varies depending on the country of study and will not cover 100% of the grantees expenses. Therefore, in case of being selected for a scholarship, you will have to demonstrate proof of additional funds for your monthly subsistence.

    Note: OAS scholarships do not include benefits for the student’s dependents.

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of an OAS Member State.
  • Have obtained a university degree by the time they submit their scholarship applications to their National Liaison Offices (ONE).
  • Be in good physical and mental health to complete the program successfully.
  • Maintain GPA above the minimum standard requirement by the university.

The ONEs on the Member States could have additional eligibility requirements. Please contact the ONE in your country for more information.


  1. Online Application Form / Inscrição online / Demande en Ligne
  2. Copy of the diploma for the highest degree obtained.
  3. Copies of transcripts of grades for all academic degrees completed and to be completed. (If the applicant is currently enrolled in a program of study, he/she will need to submit the current transcript).
  4. Three (3) recommendation letters: Preferably 2 different from current or former professors using the OAS Recommendation Statement Form, and 1 from a current or previous employer using the Employer Recommendation Form. If unemployed or never employed, obtain a third recommendation using the Recommendation Statement Form. Recommendation letters cannot come from relatives of the applicant.
  5. Curriculum Vitae (must not exceed 4 pages).
  6. Admission letters if available. Applicants who will begin studies, between January and April 2015, must submit admission letters by October 2014 directly to the OAS.


  • Proof of additional funds will be requested to selected candidates.
  • Selected candidates, who wish to study in the United States, must apply for a J1 Visa.  
  • Only selected candidates will be required to submit a Medical History Form that attests to the sound mental and physical health of the candidate to undertake and complete the program of studies. All costs associated with complying with the medical examination requirement are the responsibility of the selected candidate.


To learn if you were pre-selected by your ONE, please contact them directly.

Submission of Admission letter




Scan all required documents (black and white) in one single file in PDF format. Please make sure that your documents are legible. The file shouldn’t be larger than 8MB. Upload the PDF file to your online application.

Make sure to upload all the required documents to the online application. The OAS will not receive physical documents or documents by email. Please do not include in your application the additional documents requested by the ONE.


After you submit the application, you will receive an email with the application you filled out in PDF format.  Print the application, add the required documents, and submit the package to the ONE in your country. The ONE will pre-select candidates, therefore, make sure to send them all the physical documents required by the OAS and the ONE.


If you are selected to receive an OAS Scholarship, you must submit a Medical History Form to the OAS Headquarters in Washington DC. All costs associated with complying with the medical examination requirement are the responsibility of the awardees.


  • The selection results will be officially communicated to each country’s authorities and published on our website www.oas.org/scholarships.
  • Do you have questions about the requirements or the application process? Please contact us at [email protected]
  • Applicants who have questions regarding the status of their Applications during the recruitment and the pre-selection process, must contact their ONEs.
  • To learn about the Evaluation Criteria for Applications, please click here



  • Questions about the eligibility/documents requirements and the application process may be sent to [email protected].