RESULTS of the CONACYT - OAS - AMEXCID Scholarship Program 2014

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The Organization of American States (OAS), the Mexican National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT) and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID), are pleased to announce the CONACYT-OAS –AMEXCID 2014 scholarships. This scholarship programs reflects the great interest of these institutions in contributing to the improvement of scientific and technological capacities, as well as to the mobility of graduate students in the Americas.

The Program CONACYT-OEA-AMEXCID offers scholarships to citizens of the Americas for master's or doctoral studies in science and engineering in educational institutions accredited by CONACYT. Approximately 1 out of 6 scholarships are exclusively for students from Central America and the Caribbean.


“International cooperation in higher education is essential to development. Moreover, we want this to be an inclusive initiative, and we will do that through programs that provide generous funding for excellent students such as the one we are presenting today”

 José Miguel Insulza, OAS Secretary General

The Program “…is focused on expanding educational opportunities in the hemisphere and human capital development in member states. With this, Mexico reaffirms its commitment to the vision and principles of the OAS Democratic Charter, while laying new ground for regional development cooperation," 

 Minister Juan Manuel Valle Pereña, Executive Director of AMEXCID

 "Access to the knowledge economy is only possible if we promote high-level educational training. We are in a globalized world in which the knowledge generated by experts is a public good, requiring creative and innovative solutions that cross borders and disciplines to tackle global problems,"

Enrique Cabrero, General Director of CONACYT

Are you interested in applying for a scholarship to pursue your Specialization, Master's or Doctoral Degree in Mexico?

Potential candidates must review the Programa Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad (PNPC) to select the study program of their choice. After that, candidates should apply for admission directly with the selected program.
Programs participating in this announcement are categorized in the following areas: Biology and Chemistry, Physics(only for master's programs) and Mathematics, Geosciences, Engineering, and Biotechnology. For information on the different programs of study, please click here.



About the Scholarship

Benefits Important Requirements Important Considerations
  • Financial contribution towards living expenses.
  • Basic medical insurance while in Mexico.
  • A one-time grant of $1,200 USD to be disbursed when the student arrives at the university, to a selected number of awardees.
  • Possibility of carrying out part of the studies at institutions outside Mexico (including the country of origin of the scholar), receiving a complementary stipend for living expenses, health insurance and transportation.
  • Possibility of obtaining total or partial enrollment fee discounts in Mexican universities that are part of the OAS Consortium of Universities and, offer study programs participating in this call.  
  • Applicants must be citizens and/or permanent residents of one of the Member States of the GS/OAS other than Mexico. (* The Scholarship Program CONACYT –OAS is not available to Mexican nationals or permanent residents as one of the purposes of the program is to promote regional integration through the internationalization of students in highly prestigious educational institutions in Mexico.)
  • Be enrolled or show proof of acceptance in an on-site graduate program of a Mexican Institution registered with the Programa Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad (PNPC) in the following areas: Biology and Chemistry, Physics (only master's programs) and Mathematics, Geosciences, Engineering, and Biotechnology.
  • Applicants must have completed a Bachelor's degree or (equivalent) to apply to a master's degree program, and a master's degree diploma to apply to a doctoral program.
  • Average grade point average of 8 on a scale of 1 – 10. (1=lowest, 10= highest) or equivalent.
  • Applicants must read, understand and accept the Announcement in its entirety.
  • Meet the language requirements of the study program of choice.

Applicants must follow the application process indicated in the announcement CONACYT-OAS - AMEXCID 2014.

  • Round trip airline tickets
  • Tuition and enrollment costs of the program of study for which the student has received the scholarship and student services fees. (* except for universities that offer a partial or total tuition waiver as part of the scholarship)
  • Visa fees
  • International health insurance that includes repatriation and funeral coverage
  • Additional monthly subsistence expenses
  • Any other expenses not mentioned in the announcement for CONACYT-OEA-AMEXCID 2014 scholarships

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