Scholarships Program OAS-ANID (Chile)

The National Research and Development Agency of Chile (ANID), through the National Doctoral Degree Scholarship Competition of the Formation of Advanced Human Capital Program, and the Organization of American States (OAS), join forces to offer benefits to ANID scholarship holders from OAS Member States carrying out doctoral studies in Chile .

This benefit is available to nationals or permanent residents of OAS member states, with the exception of Chile, since one of the purposes is to support foreign students to cover their installation expenses in Chile.


The National Agency for Research and Development of Chile (ANID) is an autonomous and functionally decentralized corporation, with its own assets and legal personality of Public Law, aimed at advising the President of the Republic of Chile in the planning of scientific and technological development. The Advanced Human Capital (SCH) sub-directorate of ANID corresponds to the main government initiative in Chile dedicated to the administration of postgraduate scholarships

The  purpose of the National Doctorate Scholarship is to financially support doctoral studies in all areas of knowledge, in programs accredited in accordance with Law No. 20,129 and taught by Chilean universities, for a maximum period of four years, counted from the start date of the study program, and if applicable,  an extension of the maintenance benefits, up to a maximum of six months, for the writing of the doctoral thesis. Chileans or foreigners with or without permanent residence in Chile may apply in this contest.  

The SG/OAS, through the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment (DDHEE), supports its Member States in the creation and execution of programs that promote human development at all educational levels. The DDHEE works to strengthen democratic values and security in the region, under the framework of regional integration. It also promotes training opportunities for citizens, with the purpose of supporting the efforts of the Member States to improve the quality and equity in education. The DDHEE highlights the support from the Member States - through their diverse cultures - to the economic, social, and human development of their peoples, by supporting citizens of the Americas to access knowledge and skills through educational trainings. These opportunities contribute to the improvement of the living standards of its citizens and those of their communities in the region




Apply to ANID’s Advanced Human Capital Program

• Visit ANID’s website and read the details and Rules of the National Doctoral Degree Competition.

• Applications must be completed electronically through ANID’s website.

• Application forms required by ANID are available in the Online Application System.

• Applicants must follow all the steps described in the Rules of the National Doctoral Degree Competition, undergo an admissibility exam and then be evaluated and selected by ANID.

OAS-ANID Scholarship Application

• Students interested in applying for the OAS scholarship must first follow the admission process directly with ANID, as described above.

• If admitted to the study programs included in this call, the applicant will be automatically considered as a candidate for the OAS-ANID scholarship.

Selection of OAS-ANID fellows

• The OAS-ANID Selection Committee will take into account the following aspects:

• Geographical distribution ( as per Human Development Index reported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP),and taking into account the most important needs of the Member States.

• Academic profile, merit, and academic credentials.

• The potential impact of the applicant on the completion of the study program.

• Gender distribution.

Publication of OAS-ANID results

• The applicant must wait for the publication of the results of the evaluation and selection process of the candidates, which will be announced on the OAS Scholarships Website

• The OAS and ANID will send a communication to the students informing them that they were selected for the scholarships

Scholarship acceptance process and start of classes

• Only selected candidates will be contacted by the SG/OAS by email, where they will receive the scholarship offer and the instructions to accept it.

• Once the candidate has accepted the scholarship offer, they must initiate the corresponding payment procedures with ANID.



More than 100 accredited doctoral programs in various areas.
Check the list of accredited universities and programs here.


Onsite - at more than 20 universities in Chile.




Up to 4 years, counted from the beginning of the study program.


USD $1,200 (one-time subsidy)


Deadline to apply and send letters of recommendation:

November 15, 2023
[13:00 continental Chile]

Deadline to submit inquiries:

November 7, 2023
[13:00 continental Chile] 

Date of publication of results:

End of January 2024 


All inquiries regarding the application process should be made exclusively through the following online channels:

Help Center for Applicants
Contact Form for Applicants

For more information, visit the website with the Rules for the National Doctoral Degree Competition and send your inquiry through the Contact Form for Applicants accessible from the Help Center for Applicants. For more additional information, send a message to [email protected]


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