Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean

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Country: St. Kitts and Nevis

Sustainable Communities Pillar: Resilience to Natural Hazards

Project Title: Building Resilience to Natural Hazards one Community at a Time

Grant Amount:USD$50,000

Implementer: Hope Nevis Incorporated


Objective: Build community resilience to drought, flooding and other natural hazards in one community in each of Nevis' five parishes by implementing sustainable preventative practices to safeguard the communities from hazards and equip the local population with the knowledge and technical skills to prepare, respond to and minimize the fallouts from natural and human induced hazards.

Expected Results:

  • At least 100 people from five parishes trained in i)First Aid and CPR Training ii) Light Search and Rescue iii) Fire Safety and Emergency Care iv) Radio Communications Techniques v) Shelter Management and Initial Damage Assessment, among others
  • 10 signs erected on the beaches to deter perpetrators from sand mining activity
  • 2 community centers retrofitted with hurricane shutters and three emergency shelters with their water storage capacity increased by 100%
  • 5 Community Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) teams established (one in each parish)

Opening Ceremony:

OAS Rep with Project Management Team Initial Gathering

Hon. Vance Amory (Premier) Chairman Kyle Alex Weeks Brian Dyer

Public Service Announcement:

Available Documents:

Project Proposal l Logical Framework l Signed Sub-Project Agreement l Final Report l Partial Report