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The Andes Amazon Protected Areas Database is a project financed by the Gordon and Betty (GBMF) and executed by the Department of Sustainable Development at the Organization of American States (OAS-DSD).  The main goal of this project is to develop an information system to keep a public online database with information about the status of the protected areas in the Andes – Amazon basin region. This system should be one of the tools for decision makers and investors in conservation and represent the official version of the governmental agencies responsible for the administration of the areas.


  • Update the information about protected areas in the Amazon basin, using a standard process.

  • Establish an agreement to exchange experiences and information between the managers of the regional protected areas.

  • Use standards of metadata to describe, evaluate and predict the state of the protected areas according to international standards.

  • Identify the areas that need financial support in order to improve their role in the conservation of the biodiversity in the Amazon region.

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The network organizes international workshops and conferences  to integrate the participants and consolidate the processes of exchange of information between countries.

The idea is to keep a continuous communication between the members. It  is important  to be able to rely on updated information  about the processes that countries are  developing  to conserve and  elevate the level of efficiency of the protected areas.

These meetings are maintained with the support of organizations such as  the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), the Amazon Cooperation Treaty (OTCA), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Embassy of Holland in Colombia.

Cooperation Agreements

In order to accomplish the project objectives and goals the SG/DSD and AAPAD have signed cooperation agreements with different governments and institutions involved with the project. The main objective of the agreement is to foster and coordinate joint efforts between the institutions taking part on it.  More...

The Communication System in the Amazon

The Manguare is an instrument used by the indigenous communities of the Amazon to announce  ceremonies and  war. The  instrument makes sounds that    can be heard  20 kilometers away. Today the  instrument is  used to  call  for  conservation of the protected areas in the Amazon basin.

Geomatics in the Net (Tools for Conservation)

With the support of organizations such as  NASA, the University of Maryland, and ESRI, certain tools of geographic information technology have been adopted  to simplify the monitoring work  in the protected areas.  These tools are used to identify the presence of threats such as  fire and deforestation,  as well as changes   in land use. These tools make it easier to detect these threats and to take action in these situations.

Bioparques and Parkswatch reports:

  • Conservation Status of Yacapana National Park.  

  • Conservation Status of Yacapana National Park  (Special Report).

  • Conservation Status of The Gueppi Reserve Zone.

  • Conservation Status of Cerro Autana.


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Fire Information for Resource Management System Yacapana Park (Venezuela)

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