Panel of Experts

Sustainable Cities in the Americas: Collaborating for Livable and Inclusive Cities

May 3, 2011





During the Forty First Lecture Series of the Americas which took place on September 14, 2010, titled “Perspectives from City Hall: Better Cities for Better Lives” the speakers Oscar Luis Castañeda (Mayor of Lima, Peru), Desmond Mackenzie (Mayor of Kingston, Jamaica) and Enrique Peñalosa (Former Mayor of Bogota, Colombia) spoke about the dramatic and accelerating changes experienced by the cities of the region. Governments are channeling more resources and increased responsibilities to sub-national jurisdictions. In turn, many regional and local governments are facilitating business and community initiatives to expand and improve services in terms of coverage, quality and efficiency. International technical assistance and lending programs are supporting these changes.


This panel of experts was organized with the objective of sharing the work done in Sustainable Cities in the Americas by different specialized agencies and multilateral organizations, identifying lessons learned regarding concepts and practices around the sustainability of metropolitan areas.



Billy Cobbet
Programme Manager

Cities Alliance


Claudia A Adriazola
Director Health & Road Safety Program

World Resources Institute

Marcus Lee
Urban Development Unit

World Bank

Michael Replogle
Global Policy Director and Founder

Institute for Transportation and Development Policies

Patricia Torres
Coordinator of the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative

Inter American Development Bank

Richard Huber
Principal Environmental Specialist

Department of Sustainable Development Organization of American States

Sergio Sanchez
Executive Director

Clean Air Institute

Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy
Director, Philanthropic Research & Initiatives

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development



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