Module VI: Built Environment and Sustainability




  • Green buildings, solar voltaics, assessing cost and cost effectiveness, energy efficiencyTowards LEED Certifications in Antigua Barbuda Big experiences with a tiny carbon footprint. That’s the mission of the green and sustainable hotels in St. John's. Created with our environment in mind, eco-friendly hotels have all the luxury you want without harming the natural beauty of St. John's. From sustainable energy to biodegradable materials, organic bedding, and more, these green hotels accommodate patrons comfortably and sustainably. Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Expansion of Marine Parks for sustainability and Resilience.

  • Comparatively analyze built and cultural heritage of five Caribbean cities (Willemstad, Paramaribo, Bridgetown, St. Georges and East Port-of-Spain), three of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of which seeks that designation, for elements of smart urban design that decrease car use and encourage walking and cycling as well as potential to generate local economic development and serve as a model for new urban development.

  • Renewable Energy in Antigua Barbuda.


Colin John Jenkins
Architect, M.S.P.M, LEED Green Associate.

A Greener Caribbean


Antigua Barbuda Heritage

An Introduction to the History, Culture and Heritage of Antigua Barbuda and Essential Information for Industry Professionals


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