Module V: Renewable energy and energy efficiency in the context of Sustainable Cities


  • Ms. Ruth V. Spencer, National Coordinator.
  • Stanley Barreto, WRB Energy.



  • Energy management, Energy Efficient Buildings Energy Efficiency Awareness. An initiative to demonstrate Solar Energy at the community level and to bring widespread public education and awareness leading to empowerment and capacity building.

  • Developing renewable technologies – proposed wind and solar project in Antigua Barbuda.

  • Renewing Legislation and Enabling Environment to renewables. The objective of the ECERA project is to establish and operationalize a regional approach to the development of the electricity sector in the participating OECS countries.


Stanley Barreto

WRB Energy

Enabling environment for renewables.


Mr. Churchill Norbert

Project Coordinator-Department of Environment

Developing renewable technologies-proposed wind and solar projects in Antigua and Barbuda.


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