Work Plan of the CIM

The mandates of the CIM are derived from:

  • The Inter-American Program for the Promotion of Women's Human Rights and Gender Equity and Equality (IAP)
  • Declarations and resolutions of the CIM Assembly of Delegates
  • Resolutions of the General Assembly of the OAS
  • Declarations and action plans of the Summits of the Americas

The IAP has helped gradually to include the gender equality agenda in the activities of both the Member States of the OAS and its General Secretariat.

Nevertheless, various shortcomings are still preventing effective planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of that agenda, for lack of operational targets, strategies, and management mechanisms and tools for keeping track of actions being undertaken both at the OAS.

At the institutional level, there have been major shortfalls in the allocation of human and financial resources to track implementation and monitoring of the IAP in the OAS budget. In this context, in February 2010, the Executive Committee of the CIM deemed it necessary to update the IAP and enhance its applicability with the help of a CIM Strategic Plan for 2011-2016.

Normative and operational framework for the work of the CIM

Bases Trabajo CIM

The Strategic Plan seeks to concretize the broad mandates of the IAP and to situate them within a results-based management framework, in the following areas:

For a complete overview of CIM's work in these and other areas, please see:

CIM Strategic Plans

  • The CIM Strategic Plan 2016-2021 (PDF)
  • The CIM Strategic Plan 2011-2016 (PDF)
  • The CIM Strategic Plan of Action 1995-2005 (PDF)

Programs of Work

  • CIM Triennial Program of Work 2016-2019 (Word)
  • CIM Triennial Program of Work 2013-2015 (Word)
  • CIM Biennial Program of Work 2011-2012 (Word)
  • CIM Biennial Program of Work 2009-2010 (PDF)
  • CIM Biennial Program of Work 2007-2008 (PDF)
  • CIM Biennial Program of Work 2005-2006 (PDF)
  • CIM Biennial Program of Work 2003-2004 (PDF)
  • CIM Biennial Program of Work 2001-2002 (PDF)
  • CIM Biennial Program of Work 1999-2000 (PDF)

Other plans and programs

  • CIM Plan of Action on Women's Participation in Power and Decision-Making 1998 (PDF)