Green Initiatives

10 Steps to Commit

1. Lights out!  Use natural bright light whenever possible!

2. Turn off office equipment at the end of the day

3. Compute your savings. Change your computer saving settings

4. Avoid misprints and use double-sided printing and copying: Print or photocopy e-mails, forms, and other documents only when necessary.

5. More scratch paper!  Use back sides of old photocopies and printed sheets. Set a place, near the printer to stack them.

6. Less paper, plastic, and Styrofoam dishware! Clean china dishware is reusable!

7. Recycle!

8. Use the staircase! If you are going up or down on the elevators for just one floor, maybe walking would be faster!

9. Green transportation: Public transportation, walking, biking, or car pooling are perfect examples to reduce greenhouse gas emissions… also, in some cases, are perfect ways to get to work and back home in less time!

10. Become an energy-saving detective. Conduct a home energy audit and examine how you can increase heating and cooling efficiency in your home. Many local energy companies offer free efficiency audits. Give yours a call