The objective within this area of intervention will be centered in building capacity for the development, strengthening and effectiveness of environmental laws, policies, institutions and participatory decision making that build accountability, transparency and inclusiveness in support of sustainable development and peace in the Americas.

Actions will be undertaken in the following 5 thematic and a cross cutting cluster:

1. Environmental Rule of Law:

  • Caring for our Common Home in 5 components: (1) Inter-American Capacity Building Program on the Environmental Rule of Law, (2) Enhancing Role of OAS Goodwill Ambassadors for Environmental Justice, (3) Judicial Earth Day Celebration, (4) Inter-American Congress on the Environmental Rule of Law, (5) Environmental Rule of Law Portal.

  • Inter-American Network of Legislators and Parliamentarians on Environmental Law consolidated. (Partnership with Secretariat for Strengthening Democracy).

  • Environmental Law Advisory Group, FIDA and other environmental law networks strengthened.

  • 2. Access Rights and Public Participation for Sustainable Development Decision Making:

  • Capacity building efforts on access rights and public participation furthered in the Americas.

  • 3. Natural Resources related Conflict Prevention and Management:

  • Design of regional system of environment and natural resource-related conflict prevention and management in the context of the Environmental Rule of Law and highlighting public participation and rights based approach.

  • Environmental diplomacy advanced by enabling policy dialogue and outreach of OAS instruments and tools (ISP, Handbooks among others) sourcing of case Studies and exchange of best practices in the Americas and building capacity on conflict prevention and management.

  • 4. Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and other agreements

  • Capacity building efforts on CITES implementation including in addressing livelihoods implications for the poor advanced.

  • Implementation of CAFTA-DR ECA effectively supported, high level results and impact identified, and monitored (through streamlined RBM indicators) and shared through different outreach mechanisms including monitoring Progress reports.

  • US-Peru TPA Secretariat on Environmental Enforcement Matters established and functioning.

  • Case Studies on climate change attributable impacts in the Americas conducted and input for policy makers and decision makers on climate mitigation and adaptation policy identified and systematized.

  • Policy dialogue on Paris agreement implementation and implications in and amongst member States furthered with emphasis on linkages amongst climate, human rights and justice.

  • 5. Green Growth and the Law

  • Data gaps and needs assessment identification on green growth and the law supported.

  • Government officials continuously trained on trade and environment (collaboration with Department of Human Development, Education and Employment, the Department of Economic Development).