Themes Concluded (1998-2024)

Model Law On The Simplified Corporation

In June 2017, the General Assembly of the OAS took note of the Model Law on the Simplified Corporation in light of a proposal adopted by the CJI in March 2012, as established by the General Assembly resolution.

In addressing this topic, the Inter-American Juridical Committee has examined the following background matter over the years:

  • 2011
    CJI/doc. 380/11: Recommendations on the proposed model act on the simplified stock corporation (presented by Dr. David P. Stewart)

  • 2012
    CJI/RES. 188 (LXXX-O/12): Project for a Model act on Simplified Stock Corporation (resolution adopted by the Inter-American Juridical Committee)
    CJI/doc. 380/11 corr.1: Report of the Inter-American Juridical Committee: Recommendations on the Proposed Model act on the Simplified Stock Corporation