Recent Outcomes

Current Agenda

The following are current topics within the Inter-American Juridical Committee agenda (resolution CJI/RES. 257 (XCVII-O/20)):

This resolution was unanimously approved at the regular session held on the 7th of August 2020, by the following Members: Drs. Luis García-Corrochano Moyano, Eric P. Rudge, Mariana Salazar Albornoz, José Antonio Moreno Rodríguez, Milenko Bertrand-Galindo Arriagada, Duncan B. Hollis, Alix Richard, George Rodrigo Bandeira Galindo, Miguel A. Espeche-Gil, Íñigo Salvador Crespo and Ruth Correa Palacio.

These topics will be discussed during the next regular session of the CJI scheduled for March 1-5, 2021, Lima, Peru.