Current Agenda

The following are current topics within the Inter-American Juridical Committee agenda (resolution CJI/RES. 278 (CII-O/23)):

  • Particular customary international law in the context of the Americas
    Rapporteur: Dr. George Rodrigo Bandeira Galindo

  • Guide on the law applicable to foreign investments
    Rapporteur: Dr. José Antonio Moreno Rodríguez

  • Development of inter-American guidelines on the participation of victims in criminal proceedings against acts of corruption
    Rapporteur: Dr. Ramiro Orias Arredondo

  • Contracts between merchands with a contractual weak party
    Rapporteur: Dr. Cecilia Fresnedo

  • New technologies and their relevance to legal cooperation
    Rapporteur: Dr. Cecilia Fresnedo

  • The exceptional use of force in the inter-American context
    Rapporteur: Dr. Luis García-Corrochano Moyano

  • The principles of international law on which the inter-American System is founded, as the normative framework that governs the work of the OAS and relations among member states
    Rapporteur: Dr. George Rodrigo Bandeira Galindo

  • Strengthening the accountability regime in the use of information and communication technologies
    Rapporteur: Dr. Martha del Carmen Luna Véliz

  • Legal implications of the sea level rise in the inter-American regional context
    Rapporteur: Dr. Julio José Rojas Báez

  • Corporate responsibility of manufacturers and sellers of weapons in the area of human rights
    Rapporteur: Dr. Alejandro Alday González

  • Approach to the new outer space law
    Rapporteur: Dr. José Luis Moreno Guerra

These topics will be discussed during the next regular session, to be hold on August 2-11, 2023.