Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI)

Inter-American Social Protection Network

The IASPN - created by mandate of the ministries of social development and the Summit of the Americas is a mechanism of cooperation from national ministries and agencies of social development, in collaboration with international organizations, non-governmental organizations, private sector and academia, to promote the exchange and transfer of experiences and knowledge on social protection.


·   Bring together key actors and institutions throughout the region to engage in an agenda-setting dialogue on social protection schemes and appropriate cooperation mechanisms.

·   Strengthen the institutional capacity of national social development agencies in formulating and implementing effective and efficient policies and programs to eradicate extreme poverty, and facilitate greater cross-sectoral cooperation on social protection issues.

·   Implement an Inter-American cooperation mechanism for the exchange of best practices in social protection based on detecting specific country needs and priorities, assembling a portfolio of social protection programs, and matching supply and demand of successful programs and methodologies.

·   Generate a community of practice of policy-makers and practitioners through a knowledge and learning network.  

Link: http://socialprotectionet.org/