Module I:  Urban Sustainability, Smart Cities, and Civil Society Participation Roundtable


  • Mr Calvin Pemberton Chairman –Development Control and Planning Board; Mr Wycliffe Morton – CFBC/Architecture; Dr Leighton Naraine - CFBC; Mr Richard Huber – Chief, Sustainable Communities, Hazard Risk, and Climate Change Section Department of Sustainable Development, OAS OAS Mr Meshach Alford –Kittitian Hill/Sustainable Rural Communities Mr Rhon Boddie – St Kitts Urban Development Unit Assistant Commissioner of Police Andre Mitchell –Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force



  • What is “Sustainable/Smart Cities”: Rationale/Emerging Trends/ What makes cities “livable”/ Designing Resilient Communities/What are Best Methods re Civil Society and Public Participation/What are the emerging trends in Community Development/ Community Participation in Sustainable Development

  • Promotion of the quality of life in cities and communities, taking into account their spatial, economic, social, and environmental circumstances

  • Community Models for Sustainable Development

  • Crime Prevention and Management.


Mr Calvin Pemberton Chairman
Development Control and Planning Board
The emerging trends in community development

Richard Huber
Sustainable Cities

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