Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean

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Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean

Sustainable Transport Solutions

As communities continue to grow, the adoption of sustainable transport solutions have become critical in order to increase mobility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. The Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean project seeks to support community-based projects including but not limited to motorized and non-motorized transport development, intelligent transport systems, transport planning and transit-oriented development. The following examples of existing or previously implemented projects that would fall under this pillar are provided for reference:

  • Bicycle Network Improvement in Urban Areas: The project would seek (i) to improve the operational efficiency and safety of the transport system, with better opportunities to use public transport through trans-millennium type bus upgrades and non-motorized transport, and (ii) reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by promoting the use of zero-emission bicycle and pedestrian transport. The project demonstrates and publicizes the benefits and viability of bicycles as an alternate transport mode to encourage replication of this pilot program in other urban areas.
  • Mobility and Urban Development: The project promotes the development of sustainable transportation by evaluating costs of both private and public transportation options and showcasing the benefits of growth in dense, compact, and low emission transportation infrastructure. Through cooperation with city bus systems, the project aims to promote the replication of successful low-carbon transportation systems.

  • Cycling and Walking: The project works with cities to bring about streets that are safer for pedestrians and cyclists with features such as protected sidewalks and bike lanes, initiate bike share programs and car-free days, and improve the quality and availability of affordable bicycles with bike shares to ensure affordability and access.
  • Urban Design to Decrease Car Use: The project works to integrate smart urban design and transport by encouraging pedestrian and transit-oriented real estate development, designing state-of-the-art environments for walking and cycling, and crafting policies that turn physical and cultural spaces into economic assets.
For further information on this project please contact Richard Huber at 202 458 3227 or by email at [email protected].