OAS Academic Scholarship Program
2020 Call for Applications for Graduate Studies and Research

~To begin studies between August and December 2020~

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the OAS will prioritize scholarship applications for online studies.


The OAS informs of the new offer of the OAS Academic Scholarships Program for Graduate Studies for selected candidates that have begun classes as early as August 2020

Selected Candidates


All applications must be submitted through the corresponding National Liaison Office (ONE) in your country. Check application deadlines with your ONE.
  • Scholarships are awarded for full-time studies at any university in an OAS Member State, including those participating in the OAS Consortium of Universities.
  • Scholarships are not awarded to study at universities in the applicant’s sponsoring country.
  • Study Modality: Onsite, Online or a combination of both.
  • Duration: Scholarships are awarded for a minimum period of one (1) academic year and a maximum period of two (2) academic years.
  • Scholarship recipients must return and remain in the sponsoring country for a period of no less than twenty four (24) months after the program of study.  
  • Scholarship recipients pursuing online studies must agree to remain in the sponsoring country for the same period of time.
  • Scholarships awarded for graduate studies and or research, should be framed within the objectives and priorities established in the Comprehensive Strategic Plan of the Organization.
  • Studies in the Medical Sciences and the learning of new languages are excluded from the Academic Program.
  • OAS Staff members, OAS Consultants, Staff members of the Permanent Missions to the OAS, and their relatives are only eligible to apply for an Academic Scholarship after six months from the termination of their employment relationship or contract.
  • Scholarships are subject to availability of OAS funding.



  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of an OAS Member State.
  • Possess the language competence to undertake studies in the language of the institution in country of study.
  • Have obtained a first university (Bachelor's) degree by the time of apllication to the Scholarship.
  • Have a GPA above the minimum standard required by the university.
  • Be in good physical and mental health to complete the program successfully.

ONEs in the Member States may have additional eligibility requirements. Please contact the ONE in your country for more information.

  • Online Application Form: https://www.oas.org/fms/Announcement.aspx?id=1093&Type=1&Lang=Eng
  • Copy of the diploma for the highest degree obtained. (Bachelor's or Master)
  • Copies of transcripts of grades for the highest academic degree completed and to be completed.
  • Two (2) recommendation letters: Preferably from current or former professors using the OAS Recommendation Statement Form, or previous employer using the Employer Recommendation Form.
    Recommendation letters from relatives will not be accepted.
  • If unemployed or never employed, include a letter from a professor or someone who can be considered providing reference of your qualities as a student or professional (using the Recommendation Statement Form). 
  • Copy of the Official Identification Card (ID)Government issued ID by the Sponsoring Country or Passport.
  • Curriculum Vitae. (must not exceed 2 pages).
  • Current transcript as proof of enrollment or admission letter to program of study to begin between August and December 2020.

Should you have questions related to the requirements and the application process, please write us at [email protected]


OAS Academic Scholarships are complementary in nature, and do not cover 100% of the Scholarship Recipient’s expenses. The scholarships have a monetary cap up to US$10,000 per academic year.   Benefits are allocated on a case by case basis:

  1. $10,000 disbursed directly to the university to cover tuition and mandatory fees if cost exceeds $10,000 per academic year.


  1. Tuition and mandatory fees disbursed directly to the university to cover tuition cost if under $10,000 per academic year AND the difference is disbursed as a lump sum directly to grantee that may cover:
  • Health insurance (for onsite students only)
  • Monthly complementary subsistence allowance (for onsite students only)
  • Roundtrip airfare (from the sponsoring country to the country of study)
  • Yearly books/study materials allowance




SCAN ALL required documents (black and white) in one single file in PDF format and should not be larger than 8MB. Upload the PDF file to your online application

(Please make sure that your documents are legible)

The OAS will not consider incomplete applications.  Be sure to upload all documents and forms required by the OAS to the online application. 



After you submit the application, you will receive an email with the application you filled out in PDF format. PRINT the application, add the required documents, and submit the package to the ONE in your country.


Important note for citizens of Venezuela and the USA only: the OAS acts as the ONE for citizens and permanent residents of Venezuela and the United States of America, therefore, filling out the application and attaching the supporting documents online completes their application process. No need to submit paper documents

The ONEs will pre-select candidates, therefore, make sure to send them all physical documents required by the OAS and the ONE.
In case you have not received an email confirmation after 72 hours, please write us at
[email protected]

To learn about the evaluation criteria, click here


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - (only for pre-selected candidates by the ONE)


  • Selected candidates must be already enrolled in the program of study or have an unconditional admission letter to the university to begin studies between August and December 2020.
  • To find out if you were pre-selected, please contact the ONE in your country directly.
  • The OAS will publish the selection results of awardees on our website www.oas.org/scholarship  in July 2020.