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Sustainable Economic Growth
Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

Date:  6/21/2011 
ECLAC continued to devote efforts to strengthen the capacity of governments to formulate and implement policies and strategies to enhance productivity and competitiveness. Through the Observatory for the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean (OSILAC), assistance was provided to countries in the process to gather, centralize and harmonize data that serves to monitor the implementation status of the "information society" in the region. Seeking to bring down the cost of broadband internet access, ECLAC has been asked to create a Broadband Observatory.
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Date:  6/21/2011 
Relevant analysis on macroeconomic policy, fiscal policy and labor markets have continued to be carried out. The most recent joint bulletins undertaken with the International Labor Organization on the employment situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, focused on job-growth post the global crisis, the growth of ‘green jobs’, the role of women in the workforce, gender parity and measures geared to protecting the income of most vulnerable workers.
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