About Us

Technical Cooperation Section.

The role of the Technical Cooperation Section is to effectively position the OAS Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (OAS-SEDI) as an enabler and broker of optimized partnerships and development assistance, in order to provide more targeted technical cooperation initiatives in the Americas.

This includes moving towards an alliance model that offers Member States options for securing development assistance that is responsive to their specific capacity building needs, thus reinforcing national efforts to lead and manage their own socio-economic development, while facilitating the regional attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)..


Development Cooperation Fund

The Development Cooperation Fund is a key mechanism to support development cooperation at the OAS. Through the DCF, Member States have an opportunity to:

  • Access seed funding to support national and multinational initiatives.
  • Strengthen institutional and human resources capacity.
  • Promote Triangular and South-South cooperation


Cooperation Exchange

This practical exchange is the core of CooperaNet, where Member States' needs are matched with solutions provided by other countries or by different actors.

This online Hub for development cooperation facilitates interaction between:

  • Member State Member State
  • Member State Multi-Sectoral Partners (government institutions, private sector, academia, civil society, and international organizations.)


Multi-Sectoral Partnerships

To enable partnerships for development is our mandate and mission. The OAS recognizes a new cooperation landscape where both small and large countries play a leading role in development and where different actors are becoming ever more strategic. Through face-to-face and online interactions, the OAS strives to:

  • Facilitate strategic engagement among multi-sectoral partners.
  • Build alliances for Socio-economic growth.
  • Match needs with opportunities.