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National Laws by Country

In this page you will find all the different national relevant legislation for Access to Public Information from different states of the Organization of American States. You will find constitutional texts, special legislation and administrative norms classified by country alphabetically.

Please contact us if you know any legislation which is not included here in this section, and you wish to share it with us: [email protected].


Antigua y Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda

Argentina Argentina

Bahamas (Commonwealth of) Bahamas (Commonwealth of)

Barbados Barbados

Belize Belize

Bolivia Bolivia

Brasil Brazil

Canadá Canada

Chile Chile

Colombia Colombia

Costa Rica Costa Rica

Cuba Cuba

Dominica (Commonwealth de) Dominica (Commonwealth of)

República Dominicana Dominican Republic

Ecuador Ecuador

El Salvador El Salvador

Grenada Grenada

Guatemala Guatemala

Guyana Guyana

Haiti Haiti

Honduras Honduras

Jamaica Jamaica

México Mexico

Nicaragua Nicaragua

Panamá Panama

Paraguay Paraguay

Perú Peru

Saint Kitts y Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis

Santa Lucía Saint Lucia

San Vicente y las Granadinas Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Suriname Suriname

Bahamas (Commonwealth de las) The Bahamas (Commonwealth of)

Trinidad y Tobago Trinidad and Tobago

Estados Unidos de América United States of America

Uruguay Uruguay

Venezuela (República Bolivariana de) Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)