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The Department of International Law has coordinated or participated in the following projects that contributed to the advancement of the topic of access to information at the OAS:

  • Joint Document Recommendations on Access to Information [CP/CAJP-2599/08], which provides detailed information on the right to access to information, as well as policy and legislative recommendations

  • Report on the Questionnaire “Legislation on and Best Practices of Access to Public Information of the Commission on Juridical and Political Affairs” [CP/CAJP-2608/08], which contains answers by the States and civil society to the questionnaire as well as recommendations from civil society organizations.

  • Two special sessions of the Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs of the Permanent Council of the OAS on the topic of access to information in 2006 and 2008 to promote, impart, and exchange experiences and knowledge with Respect to access to information and the relationship with citizen participation, and to examine the recommendations on Access to Public Information contained in the Study on Access to Information organized by the Department of International Law, Respectively.

  • The development of a Model Inter-American Law on Access to Information and an accompanying Implementation Guide.