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Ministerials Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

Date:  4/17/2017 
Seguimiento 2017 - Educación
Paragraphs: 2 Paragraphs VII Summit: -

Date:  4/17/2017 
Seguimiento 2017 - Programa Jóvenes
Paragraphs: 2 Paragraphs VII Summit: -

Date:  6/8/2016 
Technical Education and Vocational Training

CAF is contributing to the definition of a 2015-2019 educational agenda which highlights the relevance of education, focusing on the links between school, skills and inclusion in labor markets. In this context, CAF is implementing a technical education and vocational training program, which promotes the identification and dissemination of best practices and public policy options, as well as creating conditions for agreements and public-private initiatives aimed at closing the skill gaps that most affect equitable economic development in Latin America.

To this end, CAF is supporting the implementation of national and regional forums with representatives from governments, businesses and training institutions in specific productive sectors, aimed at promoting "Skills for Productivity"; it promotes knowledge generation and the creation of virtual spaces for discussion to disseminate relevant studies and good practices; and it produces strategic recommendations on the challenges related to skills development and training of human resources for productivity in the region.
Paragraphs: - Paragraphs VII Summit: 2

Date:  6/8/2016 
Young Entrepreneur Program

CAF supports a program of the American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs aimed at promoting opportunities for young people who neither study nor work in Latin America, through articulation between political, business and social leaders with the target population. In this regard, it seeks to identify the priority population segments to be attended; to sensitize political and business leaders as to the importance of collaboration in promoting a culture of work among youth; to provide ongoing training opportunities to young people identified under the program; and to strengthen the social capital of young people in vulnerable situations, through the creation of opportunities for interaction with leading personalities from politics, culture, sports, arts and business.
Paragraphs: - Paragraphs VII Summit: 2

Date:  11/4/2015 
Information available in Spanish
Paragraphs: - Paragraphs VII Summit: 2

Date:  5/2/2013 
Information available in Spanish
Paragraphs: 4, 3 Paragraphs VII Summit: -

Date:  11/5/2012 
Information available in Spanish
Paragraphs: 40, 44 Paragraphs VII Summit: -

Date:  6/20/2011 
The CAF promoted programs and projects targeting alternatives for higher technical and technological education, along with programs for improving education infrastructure, through its Program for Improving Educational Quality.
Paragraphs: 36 Paragraphs VII Summit: -

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