Video of the OAS Secretary General presenting the Portal

The pandemic shows that our health depends on the health of others and that the health of others depends on our health. The policies of physical distancing in turn show that our well-being depends on the well-being of others and that the well-being of others depends on our well-being. There are no individual solutions to this health, economic and social crisis; the solution must be collective. From the OAS General Secretariat, we want to think beginning now about how we can ensure more rights for more people, during the pandemic and beyond the pandemic.

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More Rights Beyond the Pandemic

The OAS General Secretariat invites all interested persons to contribute their ideas for the construction of the post-COVID-19 world. To participate, people must register with their name and email, and agree to abide by the Participation Protocol. We encourage you to contribute your ideas and proposals on the variety of topics proposed under the four pillars of work of the OAS: democracy, development, human rights, and security.