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Universal Civil Identity Project of the Americas (PUICA)

The OAS Universal Civil Identity Project of the Americas (PUICA by its Spanish initials) supports Member States in their efforts to eradicate under-registration, in order to ensure recognition of the right to civil identity for all persons in the region. All activities of PUICA are geared towards fulfilling the five objectives set by the Inter-American Program for Universal Civil Registry and the Right to Identity:

bullet Universalization and accessibility of civil registration and the right to identity
bullet Strengthening policies, public institutions and legislation
bullet Participation and awareness
bullet Identification of best practices
bullet International and regional cooperation


Plan de Acción OEA y Registros Civiles de Ecuador y Colombia se reunirán en zona de frontera

Plan de Acción OEA y Registro Nacional de las Personas de Guatemala Firman Acuerdo de Cooperación

Plan de Acción El "Bill Gates de Bangalore" sorprende al mundo con su proyecto "Aadhaar" registrando a 1 millón de personas diariamente

Plan de AcciónEl DGPE/OEA participa de la Segunda Conferencia Internacional de Titulación



    Public Policy Observatories in the Americas: - March 2015
    A Guide for their design and implementation in our public administrations
    Workshop "Medicines in Public Procurement"
    San Jose, Costa Rica, January, 21-22

    III International Seminar - Innovative Experiences in Effective Public Management and Regional Cooperation Strategies
    Pachuca, Mexico, March, 5 - 6

    I Seminar OAS Fellowship on Open Government in the Americas
    Washington DC, March 22-28


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