XLVI Course on International Law

Welcome to the page of the XLVI Course on International Law organized by the Inter-American Juridical Committee and the Department of International Law of the Secretariat of Legal Affairs (SAJ) of the OAS.

Please read the entire content of this page before submitting any questions to the course coordinator.

Dates: July 22 – August 9 2019

Place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Languages of instruction: Spanish, Portuguese, English (no interpretation services will be offered).

Candidate profile: The Course on International Law is aimed at professionals who hold a university degree in law or international relations, have relevant experience and wish to participate in a demanding and rigorous academic experience and learn, network and socialize with other professionals in a multicultural environment.
Fairness in selection process: In order to ensure the quality of the educational experience, capacity is limited to 40 students. Applications that meet all the requirements will be considered in equal conditions without distinction or discrimination on grounds of race, gender, national origin, socioeconomic level, sexual orientation, religion, gender expression, physical characteristics, disability, nor for any other reason. Incomplete or untimely applications will be rejected immediately.

How to apply: Candidates should send the following by email to courseintlaw@oas.org no later than Friday, March 29 at 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time:

a) Letter addressed to the Department of International Law, requesting to be considered and stating that (i) applicant has or will have a valid health insurance policy at the time of attending the Course, and that (ii) applicant is able to cover the expenses associated with his/her participation in this activity.
b) Curriculum Vitae (résumé) stating profesional and academic experience.
c) Academic degree.
d) Letter or recommendation issued by a law or international affairs professor attesting to the applicant’s skills.
e) Letter of recommendation from a supervisor (preferably current) attesting to the applicant’s personal and professional qualifications.

Applications may be submitted in any of the 4 official languages of the OAS.

Costs: Enrollment in the Course on International Law and study materials are free of charge. However, each student, regardless of whether or not he or she obtains any financial assistance from the OAS, will be responsible for covering all lodging, transportation, food, and other related expenses.

Results: The results of the selection process will be announced by email directly to each applicant on Friday, April 12.

Financial assistance: Subject to the availability of funds, the OAS may provide financial assistance to candidates whose applications have obtained the highest scores.

When notified of admission to the Course of International Law, each candidate will be informed if, based on the score obtained and the availability of funds, there is the possibility of obtaining support from the OAS to facilitate his or her participation.

Waitlist: Candidates who are not selected may request their inclusion in the waitlist, in the order in which each request is received. In the event that a vacancy occurs, that spot will be offered to candidates on the waitlist, in the order in which they appear.

Certificates: A certificate of attendance will be granted to those students who participate in at least 90% of the classes, and pass the exams that will be applied throughout the three weeks.

Students who wish to obtain a certificate of approval, may submit a written work on one of the topics developed throughout the course within three months after the end of the course, upon presentation of a hypothesis and a work schedule and per the guidelines provided by the coordinator.

Professors and subjects: We are in the process of completing the roster of prestigious lecturers who will teach throughout the three weeks. The provisional list includes a variety of cutting-edge topics in public and private international law, and will be enriched with new topics and teachers during the coming weeks.

El XLVI Curso de Derecho Internacional cuenta con el patrocinio de:

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