Forty Seventh Lecture - The OAS: Working for the Benefit of Citizens of the Americas

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Forty Seventh Lecture - June 14-15, 2012

"The OAS: Working for the Benefit of Citizens of the Americas"


Purpose and description of the program

The Lecture "The OAS: Working for the Benefit of Citizens of the Americas" is to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the USMP, and to reaffirm the commitment of the OAS to promote democratic values in the Americas by strengthening democracy, protection of human rights, integral development, combating insecurity, and identify new challenges and best practices that help us tackle these issues.

This program is developed in the framework of the important collaboration between the USMP and the OAS, and the conviction of both institutions to have a space that allows for the dissemination and promotion of democratic values, rights and freedoms, and social inclusion in countries throughout the region, which is reflected in successful programs being carried out by the Organization, such as the Program for Universal Civil Identity in the Americas (PUICA), the Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (MAPP / OAS), Inter-American Social Protection Network (IASPN), and programs aimed at defending and protecting human rights.

The Lecture "The OAS: Working for the Benefit of Citizens of the Americas" will be held at the Focum Culturae Auditorium of the School of Law of the University of San Martin de Porres lasting about a day and a half, during which time recognized experts in the region will address key issues of the hemispheric agenda.

Event commemorating 50 years of the University of San Martin de Porres

The Lecture will begin with an inaugural event to be held on May 14, which will be attended by Senator Daniel Abugattas, President of the Congress of the Republic of Peru; His Excellency Jose Miguel Insulza, OAS Secretary General; and Dr. José Antonio Chang Escobedo, President of the USMP.

This inaugural meeting of May 14 will be followed by six Lectures, where experts will speak on the role of the OAS in strengthening democratic institutions, human rights, social development and multidimensional security, followed by comments and questions and answers from the audience. The first Lecture will address: "The OAS and its importance in the hemisphere." The second Lecture will focus on "The preservation of democratic institutions: peacekeeping missions of the OAS" and the third: "Social inclusion and democratic governance." Following lunch, the fourth and last Lecture of the day will be held: "The OAS in the defense and protection of human rights."

Following, there will be a video screening about the Inter-American Democratic Charter, adopted in Lima in 2001, and will be proceeded by the presentation of a plaque and diploma by the OAS Secretary General to the USMP in commemoration of its 50th anniversary. The second day of activities, there will be two Lectures, one on "The protection of the rights of women: a task for all" and then following another brief recess will be the final Lecture on: "Reflections on the safety of citizens in the Americas." The memorial program will conclude with a luncheon hosted by the USMP.

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