Sustainable Energy


ECPA Caribbean Initiative

Upon the launch of a Call for Technical Assistance Requests (TARs) held in 2010, OAS Caribbean Member States were invited to submit government endorsed Technical Assistance Requests to secure short term legal counsel or technical assistance to support the commercialization of renewable energy projects.

Technical Assistance Projects

Solar photovoltaic System deployed at Shirley Heights Look Out National Park. This system helps reduce reliance on diesel generation and raises awareness among locals and visitors about the country’s efforts to promote solar energy and support the greening of national parks


Intensive geothermal resource development training was provided at the University of Nevada in the United States to build the capacity of public officers to further the establishment of a National Geothermal Development Program


Pilot 22-kWp solar photovoltaic grid-connected system installed on the rooftop of the National Energy Commission’s Headquarters to showcase integrated decentralized renewable energy and assess net-metering viability


  • Jamaica:

Performed a 1-year peer-reviewed wind data assessment to evaluate the possibility of utilizing modern wind technology to generate renewable power to run deep-well irrigation pumps to reduce the cost of irrigation water to the farmers in the St. Elizabeth Plains


Legal assistance delivered to the Ministry of Finance responsible for Energy and to the Geothermal Energy Committee to draft a Geothermal Resource Development Bill advancing the deployment of a 20MW geothermal plant


Solar photovoltaic system installed on the rooftop of the Administrative Building to assess net-metering viability in public buildings and to promote the use of decentralized renewable energy