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Cooperation Agreement: The OAS signs cooperation agreement with the Madrid Training Institute - June 12, 2014

On June 12, 2014, the Organization of American States (OAS) signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Madrid Training Institute (IMF, for its acronym in Spanish) for the development of an online Masters program of double degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for public officials of beneficiary countries under the "Support for the Diffusion of the Implementation of the U.S – Brazil Memorandum of Understanding for Biofuels Development (DMDE)" project.

The OAS will provide total funding of 14 officials from El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala and Jamaica. The IMF will provide 3 scholarships for officials of these countries for the development of the Masters program. The IMF is a Spanish educational institution of higher education which is known for offering training programs in areas of sustainable development, biofuels, renewable energy and environmental studies.

The Master will provide local knowledge and capacities to government officials on issues such as the status of renewable energy, its use and different applications, the technical feasibility and environmental impact of projects based on renewable energy, installation and maintenance of generating facilities of these energies, among others.

During the coming months, the OAS will start the call for public officials interested in participate in this important activity that will definitely enhance the capabilities on renewable energies and energy efficiency of the third-party beneficiary countries of this MOU.