Energy and Climate Change Mitigation


Biofuels Outreach Support of the Implementation of the U.S. – Brazil MOU for Biofuels Development

Participating Countries

Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Senegal


U.S. State Department


The OAS as a formal partner under the U.S.-Brazil MOU has been supporting the execution of the project by promoting a series of initiatives aimed to advance regional clean energy efforts for biofuels and overcome challenges towards sustainable and environmentally friendly biofuels in the Americas.


This project seeks to advance the development of clean energy and biofuels policy and programs, feasibility studies including research and development and pilot projects and capacity building opportunities within selected countries as a means to promote energy diversification, energy security, energy efficiency, socio-economic development and climate change mitigation.


Deliverables will soon be available on the official website of the US-Brazil MOU.


  • PV Solar System installed at CNE main building in Santo Domingo – Supported by the US-Brazil MOU
  • Agreement signature with OAS for bioethanol production in Honduras
  • The Picture is from the local newspaper “La Prensa Grafica”. In the picture you can see OAS representative Ivan Ochaeta and the CNE Secretary Luis Reyes during the signing ceremony of the agreement for the pilot project
  • Participants in Honduras-legal Preparedness for sustainable biofuels production April 8-26, 2013
  • Bioenergy Week - Brasília, 18-23 March 2013

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