About the Committee


According to the Article 16 of the Rules of Procedure of the Permanent Council, the General Committee shal have the following functions:

a. To advise the Permanent Council and its chair on matters that are within the area of competence of the Council and that, not having been assigned to other committees, have been assigned to the General Committee;

b. To consider the course and coordination of the work of the Council and its committees and to make recommendations thereon to the Council, its chair, and the committee chairs.  For that purpose, it may establish a subcommittee on coordination composed of the committee chairs; the chair of the General Committee shall serve as chair of the Subcommittee on Coordination;

c. To examine periodically, by mandate of the Permanent Council, current working methods and procedures, so as to maximize efficiency and bring about the best possible use of time in the work of the Council;

d. To consider the reports presented by the organs, agencies, and entities referred to in Article 91.f of the OAS Charter, with the exception of those reports assigned to the Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs under these Rules of Procedure; likewise, to submit their reports, with observations, recommendations, and accompanying draft resolutions, to the Permanent Council;

e. To consider other reports presented by the organs, agencies, and entities, as well as the reports presented by the units of the General Secretariat;

f. To prepare draft resolutions on the topics assigned to it by the Permanent Council or those not within the purview of other permanent committees; and

g. Such other functions as may be assigned by the Permanent Council.

Secretary of the General Committee

Currently the Committee Secretary is Alejandro Aristizábal ([email protected])