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Established in 1928, the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) is the only hemisperic policy forum on women's rights and gender equality in the Americas. Read More...

Latest News

  • Virtual Course “Gender Equality and Rights Perspective in Policies, Programs and Projects"
    [September 13th]
    From October 19th to December 21st 2016, the CIM in collaboration with the Educational Portal of the Americas will offer the 8th edition of this course, in Spanish only, with a view to contributing to strengthening the capacities of people from various types of institutions to integrate a gender and rights perspective in the design, formulation, imlementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs and projects in different sectors.
    The deadline to register is October 13th 2016, on the Portal's Website (in Spanish only)

  • Virtual Course “Gender-Based Strategic Planning"
    [August 1st]
    The CIM, in collaboration with the Educational Portal of the Americas, launches the 1st edition of this virtual course, in Spanish, in order to provide participants with a set of tools to support organizational gender mainstreaming, through planning that considers the gendered impacts of actions.
    Classes begin on August 10th and more information can be found (in Spanish) on the Portal's Website

  • Exchange of Good Practices: Challenges in the Elimination of Violence against Women:
    [July 1st]
    This Regional Dialogue will be held on July 26 and 27, 2016, in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico, as a follow up to former forums on good practices in gender, justice and violence, organized by the CIM in Buenos Aires (2013), Pachuca (2014) and Medellin (2015). The event is based on the importance of creating opportunities for cooperation, understanding and exchange of best practices and lessons learned with a view to achieving women’s right to live a life free from violence.
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  • The CIM invites to reflect on progress in the recognition of women's rights at the 46th OAS General Assembly
    [June 15th]
    The Executive Secretary of the CIM, Carmen Moreno, participated on behalf of the President of the CIM, Minister Marcela Huaita, at the 46th OAS General Assembly held on June 13-15 in Dominican Republic. The Executive Secretary delivered 3 reports on the work of the Commission and referred to the new Strategic Plan of the CIM for 2016-2021, which seeks to build on the progress made in the implementation of the previous Plan in order to maximize limited resources and focus on fundraising for specific activities.
    Remarks by the Executive Secretary

  • Women Foreign Ministers of the Americas Meeting: Prospects for women’s empowerment in the Americas
    [June 14th]
    Held on June 14th in Dominican Republic, in the framework of the 46th OAS General Assembly, the meeting sought to materialize the commitment to inclusion, empowerment and advancement of women as priority issues on the regional agenda. Specific actions were also identified so that each Minister, within their competence, and in a joint manner help advance strategic issues.
    Concept note
    Remarks by Carmen Moreno.

  • Ministers of the region adopt the Lima Declaration to promote women's equality and economic autonomy
    [May 25th]
    After having discussed and reflected for two days, the Ministers of Women of OAS Member States who participated in the XXXVII Assembly of Delegates of the CIM adopted the Lima Declaration, a document that urges countries to promote equality and women's economic empowerment. States are responsible to ensure equality and autonomy in the exercise of the economic rights of women, improve working conditions for women; give unpaid work visibility and value in the economy and adopt measures to consider care as a shared social responsibility of the state, the private sector, as well as men and women.
    Full text of the Lima Declaration
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