Women in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has specific impacts on women's lives and is deepening previously existing gender inequalities, both inside and outside the home, in hospitals and health centers, at work and also in politics.

The world has the opportunity to create a new social and gender pact that recognizes the differentiated impacts that fall on women, especially on higher-risk groups, through the equal participation of women and the incorporation of a gender perspective in all spaces and in all actions and public policies for mitigation and recovery.

Nothing about women, without women.


CIM Resources

Portada Hallazgos

COVID-19 in Women’s Lives: Findings and recommendations on the care emergency (CIM, 2022)

This document compiles information on the situation of caregiving in each of the countries, the progress achieved, the challenges identified, the priorities established, and the recommendations presented by the authorities. It’s focused on presenting a brief summary of the findings of a process of consultation with the NMAW in September 2021 from the perspective of the five structural nodes identified by the CIM, the arguments for advancing caregiving actions, the concrete proposals for action, and the role of the CIM in supporting the States.

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Portada Compendio

COVID-19 in Women's Lives: Towards a new gender pact (CIM Compendium) (CIM, 2021)

The publications gathered in this compendium make it clear that the COVID-19 crisis affects the lives of women differently and disproportionately, and offers concrete tools for States to design public policies from a gender perspective.

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Portada Corto COVID-19 Cuidados

COVID-19 in Women's Lives: Care as an investment (CIM, 2021)

The States of the region have two options in terms of caregiving: addressing it in a peripheral, secondary way so that it continues to be resolved within the family, or considering it as an investment in economic growth and an integral part of public policies and recovery measures, thus obtaining the economic returns associated with these decisions.

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Portada COVID-19 y Violencia

COVID-19 in Women's Lives: The global care emergency (CIM, 2020)

#StayAtHome, while seeking to protect the population from COVID-19, has increased the workload of unpaid care and care for people, which continues to fall mainly on women. The CIM has identified at least 9 new patterns of care that together generate an emergency in this area. This document invites us to ask: If all of us have needed or will need care at some point in our lives, why are women primarily responsible? Where are the men? What is the role of the State?

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Portada COVID-19 y Violencia

Violence against Women and the Measures to Contain the Spread of COVID-19 (CIM, 2020)

Today, when almost everyone is isolated, confined or quarantined, women and girls in the Americas region are being affected differently by the measures that have been implemented to protect populations. This work is the result of a series of meetings with key groups of women's organizations, the Experts of the MESECVI, and the Women's Ministers and high-level authorities on gender in the region, with a view to highlighting how the other pandemic has been developing, the pandemic of violence against women.

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Portada Argumentario COVID-19

COVID-19 in Women's Lives: Reasons to Recognize the Differential Impacts  (CIM, 2020)

This document presents information and arguments on the impacts, challenges and actions to develop policies that respond to the different needs of women during COVID-19. This work gathers the knowledge generated in previous health emergencies; evidence and analysis of the gendered impacts of the current emergency; and the information compiled on the reality of the region during multiple meetings organized by the CIM.

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Imagen Kit COVID-19

Position Paper: Rural women, Agriculture and Sustainable Development in the Americas in the Context of COVID-19 (CIM, 2020)

Although rural women, as farmers, workers, heads of households and community leaders, face a series of challenges in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, this moment also represents an opportunity to change the consumption paradigm based on new gender pacts that empower small-scale local producers, as a measure to strengthen food security and sovereignty.

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Imagen Kit COVID-19

Social Media Toolkit (CIM, 2020)

The CIM offers a set of communication tools for social networks, with key messages and graphics for dissemination on Twitter and Facebook. Help us spread the word about the gendered impacts and the role of women in addressing this crisis!

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Portada Dialogo CIM

Coronavirus: A global pandemic that affects women differently (Alejandra Mora Mora, 2020)

In this CIM Blog, the Executive Secretary analyzes some of the gender dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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OAS Resources

Portada Argumentario COVID-19

Practical Guidebook to Inclusive Rights-Focused Responses to COVID-19 in the Americas (OAS, 2020)

This guide seeks to support OAS member states in responding to the pandemic, offering a series of tools to think about responses that take into account the particular circumstances of vulnerable groups. The CIM includes the differentiated impacts on women in the chapter "Women, gender equality and COVID-19".

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Portada Argumentario COVID-19

Permanent Council Resolution "OAS Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic" (CP/RES. 1151 (2280/20))

Among other issues, the resolution addresses the situation of women victims of gender-based violence in the face of the emergency.

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