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Ilegal feticide (ICCS 0106)
It means the “Unlawful death of a foetus intentionally procured or conducted by a person”
(Unlawful death of a foetus as defined by national legislation. The death of a foetus may be prohibited or restricted based on weeks of gestation, weight of the foetus, prohibited under all circumstances, or prohibited on other grounds).
INCLUSIONS: Illegal abortion; abortion offences as defined by national legislation; concealment of birth by secretly disposing of the body; intentional miscarriages and still births; procuring an illegal abortion; aborting a foetus against abortion regulations; forced abortion
EXCLUSIONS: Legal abortion/legal feticide; abortion conducted by a person lacking medical skills (02071)

[Source: International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS), UNODC, Mar 2015, p.35, incl. footnotes 52 and 53 Web:]