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Unlawful access to a computer system (ICCS 09031)
Unlawful acts involving entry into parts or the whole of a computer system without authorization or justification.
INCLUSIONS: Access to a computer system without right; hacking
EXCLUSIONS: Unlawful access to private computer files that amounts to intrusions upon one’s privacy (02011); Possession, distribution or creation of child pornography with a computer system (030221); computer software theft or piracy (0503); possession, distribution or creation of pornography with a computer system (08022); fraud and theft with a computer system (0701) or (0502)
ACCESS, at minimum, means to make use of; to gain entry to; to view, display, instruct, or communicate with; to store data in or retrieve data from; to copy, move, add, change, or remove data; or otherwise make use of, configure, or reconfigure any resources of a computer system, or their accessories.
COMPUTER/INFORMATION SYSTEM, at minimum, is a device or interconnected devices which pursuant to a computer/information program perform(s) automatic processing of computer
data/information/logical/arithmetic/storage functions including computer data/information stored/ processed/ retrieved/transmitted by the computer/information system including any communication facility or equipment and the internet.

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