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The Global Slavery Index 2016

The Global Slavery Index 2016

The Walk Free Foundation’s 2016 Global Slavery Index (GSI), using data from 167 nationally representative surveys conducted by Gallup, estimated that 45.8 million people in the world were in some form of modern slavery. Fifty-eight percent of those who are in slavery live in India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan. Civil and political protections, social health and economic rights, personal security and refugee populations and conflict are four complex dimensions that impact the vulnerability of people to modern slavery. This report conducted an assessment of government responses of 161 countries. Of these governments: 124 have criminalized human trafficking; 96 have National Action Plans; and 150 provide services to victims of modern slavery.   

The report uses the term modern slavery, but explains that different countries and international agreements use different concepts, including forced labor, debt bondage, the sale or exploitation of children, forced or service marriage, and human trafficking.

The Americas regional profile estimated that 2,168,600 people (or 4.7% of regional proportion to the global number) were enslaved. The Walk Free Foundation’s surveys revealed the prevalence of modern slavery in the region is can be more identified in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Mexico, where forced labor accounts for most instances of modern slavery. In addition to tables and analysis on modern slavery in the countries surveyed, the publication also featured country for specific profiles. The Dominican Republic, Mexico were the only two from the Americas.

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