Unveiling a New Superpower

Susan Bissell | TEDxAmherst

  • 19 marzo 2018
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Unveiling a New Superpower
As progress is being made on improving the living conditions for children aged 0-5, the challenges they face in the next years represent a huge barrier for their free development. From domestic violence as a mean of parenting to child labor and forced recruitment, all forms of violence root in the normalization of violence. Implicit norms of behavior respected or tolerated by the society let crimes against children go unpunished, then a change in mentality is needed to transform this situation. By changing the material conditions of vulnerable communities it is possible to facilitate this change: supporting single parents with the care of their children, empowering young leaders to educate their neighborhoods and gathering up-to-date data on the issue are all effective strategies to end violence against children. Susan Bissell has developed six (6) strategies throughout her experience all over the globe that tackle the issue in a comprehensive manner.