E-Lecture on "Sport, violence and crime prevention"

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

  • 22 marzo 2018
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E-Lecture on "Sport, violence and crime prevention"
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime experts analyze in this E-lecture the impact of sports and sports events on citizens’ behavior. In economic, social and environmental conditions that lead to segregation and poverty sports work as a tool for integration and socialization, teaching those who take part of the game values such as humility, fair play and self-control. Sports events have also a positive impact on vulnerable communities as they can provide opportunities of employment and social cohesion through the encouragement of communal pride and camaraderie. Still, those same events can lead to violent situations due to the psychological effects of masses in individuals. It is necessary then a policing approach that focuses both on prevention and reaction, on transparency and inter-agency cooperation.

Please find the link to the E-lecture in the link down below
País:Estados Unidos de América
Institución:United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
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