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  • 25 April 2018
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Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: Narrative Writing - Trait-Organization
Description: Volunteer give prompt: The cockroach invasion.
Say that we should be able to write a problem – solution draft
use signal words in our writing so that it will be organized
create and invent scenes to entertain or engage the audience
Focus on White board. Take out handout.
Read notes as group is called.
Read problems written give suggestions for example pet/animal escaping from cage
Reread with teacher then partner share
Complete a problem solution flow chart with partner
Write paragraph using what if ideas.
Important Questions to Consider
• What problem is the character facing?
• Where is the character?
• Why is it important for the character to solve this problem?
• What makes the problem difficult?• How does the character resolve the problem?Say that we should be able to identify transitions / signal words, and include them in our writing so that it will be organized
In groups will summarize the purpose of a fictional narrative and list the elements of this type of story and the structure.
Characters• Setting • Problem • Events. • Resolution. .

Do a Zip Around if there is time – Calla volunteer to read his / her short write

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