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What is Summarizing?

  • 25 May 2018
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What is Summarizing?
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Summarizing
Description: Introduction: Play the game called, “Pass It On”. Students were placed in a circle and a message was whispered to one of the students. That message was relayed to the next student until everyone in the circle had passed on the message they received. This game allowed students to use their sense of hearing, develop listening and speaking skills and practice the use of their memory skills.

Teacher Activities Students Activities

1. Whisper secret message to a student. 1. Pass the secret message on to student next to them.

2. Ask last student to share the message 2. Discuss message.
they heard.

3. Draw students attentionto pictures 3. Discuss pictures. Record main idea and details on
displayed depicting the effects of a graphic organizer.
powerful wind.

4. Have volunteers write their summaries 4. Share sumaries with class.
on dry erase board.

5. Distribute Scholastic Teaching Resources 5. Work in pairs to complete worksheet.
Main Idea & Summarizing Book, Share summaries with class.
“What is Summarizing?”
Learning Page, pages 9 & 30.

Conclusion: Have volunteers recap the steps to writing a good summary.

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