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The Individual&Society

  • 24 April 2018
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The Individual&Society
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: The Individual
Description: Teacher writes two questions on the board:
What makes us different from each other?
What factors shape our actions,thoughts and beliefs?
A discussion is built around these questions as students respond
Teacher hopes to get responses such as,genes,fingerprint,background,religión etc]
Students are told of all babies born at the same time being on the same “page”.The only differences being genes and finger print.However as they all move into their different environment thiings change.teacher asks students to listen the changes that occur.
Changes in speech,mannerism,social skills,communication,reliogion,beliefs and so
Teacher writes heredity and environment on the board – she asks which of the above changes would be place under the headigs on the board.after students have arranged the changes appropriately,teacher explains that heredity and environment are the two main factors that shape an individual in thought mannerism and perspectives on life. Teacher reminds students that although we are unique individuals aspects of our uniqueness is developed through heredity and our surroundings.The teacher asks students to sit in pairs and state the stages that the individual goes through (life cycle) and to state one characteristic evident at each stage.
After 3 mins teacher solicits response from the students. A diagram is placed on the board as the stages are highlighted. Stusents will be introduced to the Word senescence (elderly) and the saying “once a man twice a child” discussed.
A discussion is generated on the possible problems associated with each stage; Why is adolescence seen as a turbulent stage? What changes occur during adolescence? What does the generation gap refer to? Theteacher writes information received on the board and clears up misconceptions stated.
Note taking will be done on each area discussed.

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