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The Dentist

  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Natasha Barrow
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The Dentist
Students’ age range: 00-04
Topic: The dentist helps us to keep our teeth clean and healthy
Description: 1. Students will then be introduced to the modified socratic seminar. They will be made aware of the procedure and rules.
2. I will model a simple discussion with another child or adult, attentive listening and responding.
3. Have students model using the modified socratic seminar.
4. Students will told that they will view a short video clip entitled “Learn How To Be Well”.
5. They will make predictions about what they will see in the video.
6. Students will be invited to view the video and to listen attentively to it.
7. At this point, students willbe allowed to say whether their predictions were confirmed or not.
8. They will then be asked to view the video again and think of any questions they may have regarding what they saw or heard.
9. Students will be assisted in recording their questions.
10. Students will participate in socratic seminar about video seen.

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