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Saving Energy in our schools

  • 20 October 2017
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Saving Energy in our schools
Students’ age range: 16-18
Topic: Saving Energy at School
Description: Ask students if they understand what is energy, its sources renewable nonrenewable and their uses, which they were learned in previous classes.Reflect about the talk during the class about The energy and how to save it. Ask questions about the process of a Socratic Seminar to have an effective and active role. Prepare your materials to use in class: pen, the folder with leaves. Make sure all the students have their copy of the Learn and Save Booklet page 36 to 43.
Ask Students to read the text and take notes of relevant information that will support their participation during the seminar Read your Save and Learn Booklet, page 36 to 43. Write the notes of you consider important, about reducing energy consumption such as turning off light and computers that are not using, use natural ventilation, replace the incandescent light with fluorescent lights allowing you to have him to have a good share of the Socratic seminar to enable it to contribute relevantly to this class.
Ask students to form groups of four and read the contents from on the part of the text speaks about saving energy at school.
Verify that possess the right materials.
Remind rules stating that a Socratic seminar is a conversation which an informed opinion on how to save energy at school in order to implement in your environment.
Give them a guide in the form of questions for students not lost the issue.
Once the groups have analyzed the issue to write on the blackboard their opinions and form a circle to start the Socratic seminar.
Form a circle and bring their material to participate in a Socratic Seminar.
Be respectful of their peers as they participate in the seminar, listened closely to the questions presented.
Participate actively asking and answering questions posed by the teacher and peers.
Finally, write a short paragraph with your opinion of topics discussed thoroughly.

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