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Reproduction and growth

  • 23 April 2018
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Reproduction and growth
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Contraceptive methods
Description: Introduction (10mins)
Teacher will brainstorm students (what do you think the term birth control or contraception mean? Give an example of a contraceptive method.

Step 1 (30mins)
Students will watch a role play done by students. After which a discussion will be facilitated.
- What were the main ideas carried out in the roleplay?
- Where there contraceptive methods used or discusses? What were they?
- What would happen if no contraceptives were used?
- As young people what are your views?

Step 2 (30mins)
Teacher will explain that there are two types of contraceptive methods; natural and artificial. Students will be asked to use their tablets and Google “ different birth control methods”, and view pictures. Students will name the contraceptive methods that they are aware of. List will be written on the board. Teacher will further explain and describe the natural methods in details along with the advantages and disadvantages.

Step 3 (30mins)
Students will be shown some samples at least 3 artificial contraceptive methods. Students will be ask to explain or do an illustration of how each method should be used( using provided materials) . The disadvantages and advantages will also be listed.

Step 4 (20 mins)
Students will make notes from on birth control methods

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